Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Roast Prosciutto Chicken

Our Christmas meals was held 3 nights in a row.  Eve was spent at my inlaws where my hubby did the cooking.  From appetiser to dessert, it was wonderfully executed.  We had Gravlax as a start, a very good one that is and I only wish they carry them here regularly at the supermarket.  Sigh.  Main course was a 3 ingredient roast.  1kg onion, 1kg potatoes and 1kg of pork neck ... all stuffed into our Staub pot and braised on a slow for hours.  The result were heavenly!  Thank you Mr.Staub, you never failed us!  We ended the night with a simple Haagen Daz Belgium Chocolate ice cream which hubby decorated with more chocolate! What an indulgence ...  Second night was my turn to cook.  And again, it was a 3 course.  It was italian inspired because I wanted more vegetables in my courses.  So I started with Minestrone Soup from scratch.  No short cut with good chicken stock, good chopped up tomato in broth and vegetables all julienned finely.  Thankfully we went with vegetable starter because as the celebration progress, one just can´t find anymore hidden space to fit all the food in.  My main course was rolled up Roasted Prosciutto Chicken Breast serve with Vodka Tomato Ragu Sauce, which I fell in love with many months ago after watching them in Gordan Ramseýs cook show.  I laced them lightly with rosemary and it worked wonder.  To introduce some green, I simply blanched a batch of currently in season Brussel Sprout and lightly toss them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  A bit of Fried Gnocchi as a side (inspiration from Nigella Lawson) and its complete.  As you can see here, we can´t finish them.  I think we have been binging too much the night before with all the biscuits and what not, and its only day two!  On our third day, it was again my turn to cook.  But this time, we had a simply Ricotta Tomato base fondue with Italian meatballs, Grilled Mushrooms, Pepper and Onion, Caprese Salad and a side pasta dish, thats it .. oh, yes one more ... which I will blog about next.  We ended the night with Affagato & Tiramisu. 

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