Sunday, 19 January 2014

Herren Torte

German cakes are so under-rated I feel that I need to do justice to it sometimes.  Apart from the world famous Black Forest Cake, there isn´t any other cakes I´ve come across the moment I step out of Germany which is sad.  Cake and coffee time in Germany is a big thing.  But why aren´t they not making an impact begulf me. 

One of my latest love apart from Donauwelle, Baumkuchen, Bienenstitch, Gugelhupf, Kaltehund, Frankfurter Kranz etc is this cake call Herren Torte.  At first glance it passes of as Sacher Torte.  But the moment you bite into it, there´s something to it that you can´t pinpoint but its delicious!  This piece was store-bought, but I am very inspired to get to the bottom of this by baking it one day. 

Just awhile ago, I found out that the secret ingredient inside are red wine and ground cinammon.  Wow. I am more intrique now that ever! Stay tune for my mission :-)

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