Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pinepple Tarts for Chinese New Year, 2014

More colourful post to follow, as it is Chinese New Year tomorrow and I´ve cooked up a storm since yesterday!  As colourful as it sounds, it is my first time celebrating Chinese New Year out of Malaysia and away from my family due to my work commitment here.  Not wanting to miss out, I went all out to grab whatever ingredient I can find here to replicate what I miss eating during the festive season.  Some requires tedious preparation, for example this pineapple tart you see here but since it is hubby´s favourite, its my pleasure to make them.  Today is officially reunion dinner´s day.  It is the day where parents await their children from near and far to come home to celebrate Chinese New Year with them.  I have been calling my parents every single day.  Both of them sounded cheerful so its nice to hear that.  But of course, nothing beats being there physically.

More post to come so I´m going to keep this short (besides, I´m working today! arggg!)

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