Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Start of Advent, 2013

Last Sunday, we litted up the first of our Advent Candle Platter to commemorate the first week of advent.  This year, we have been pushing lots of to do list to last minute. Including our advent calendar filler which we quickly scribble on a piece of paper just the night before it starts.  Hubby quickly rushed off to town to grab some items to be filled in while I took time off after work the following day to search for something appropriate to give to hubby.  Today´s the third day of advent and we´ve just returned from dinner in town.  Its hubby´s treat today.  Last night, I made us a surprisingly addictive cocktail (picture above).  It is a mix of cranberry juice, chocolate mint liquor and Cointreau liquor.  As it was Monday yesterday, it was nice winding the start of the week with some alcohol I must say.  Tomorrow is my turn.  But I ain´t got anything for my other half although that piece of paper´s already filled up.  I hope he reaches out to it tomorrow evening and not 6am when he wakes up to go to work!

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