Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Salmon Wellington with White Asparagus, Served with Warm Caesar Salad

Moving on to another Christmas inspired dish which I´ve seen over and over again on cooking channels in BBC is, Salmon Wellington.  An interesting twist to the famous Beef Wellington if you ask me.  It is lighter and you have a choice to serve them as either starter or main course depending on its portion.  I am testing out a few recipes before the actual Christmas Eve dinner.  Tentatively, we already have an idea what to serve for main course but we might change our mind last minute.  Last night, I decided to warm up our Caesar Salad seeing its getting colder and eating cold salad is really no fun at all.  It proved to be really good!  The white asparagus are from bottles, easy stuff to prepare but nevertheless luxurious and fitting to a festive occassion.

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