Friday, 20 December 2013

Los Ponchos Mexican & South American Restaurant

I  love eating out.  As of late, we have been doing it pretty often.

This evening, we decided to do some late night shopping at the border.  The Christmas air is evident with lots of festive lights decorating the city, but somehow for me, it just does not feel perfect without the snow.

Hubby tried Potato Skin for the first time and loved it.  Due to its miserable portion (only 2 halves were served and me knicking some off his plate), there wasn´t a chance to take any photo at all.  In another word, its that good.  After appetiser, we waited a good 30 minutes for our main course.  His Chilli Corn Carne with chillies thrown in for good measures :-)

And my ...

Seafood Burritos, served with lots of side such as guacamole, baked potatoes, fries and salad.  Perhaps it did not help that I snacked away before the main arrive as I was really hungry, but the portion is hugeeeee, isn´t it?!  This plate is pretty good, but I would have preferred if they make do without crabsticks in my burrito ...

The bill came out to less than 30 euro inclusive of drinks which is very reasonable considering the portion and its actually a restaurant and not a cafe.

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