Monday, 9 December 2013

Sticky Cranberry Sausages

Nigel Slater is a genious.  He is to me one of those chefs who understood what home cooking is all about by making it all so simple to replicate but at the same time, appearing gourmet-ish.  I´ve loved his cooking show for a while now especially recently when they decide to bring on his Christmas programmes.  This cranberry jam and fresh cranberry (I replaced them with dried cranberries) is a hit last night. It calls for a simple sautee with red onions and sausages, and thats it!  Cooked them all in a pan, the sausages and red onion grilled first then add in the sweet flavouring with some water.  Pretty cool idea to spice things up leading to Christmas ain´t it.  Served with vegetable of the season, the brussel sprouts ... we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner last night before calling it a week ...

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