Monday, 25 November 2013

Teller Ouzu @ Taverna Zeus

Lately I´ve been doing some research on visiting Santorini for our wedding anniversary, and like any vacation, it covers anything from accomodation, what to see, what to eat and what to experience.  Coincidently a dear friend visited last weekend, wanted to try out Greek food in our town and I quickly jumped at the chance!  Here´s a quick sneak to what I had while they both went off to pick up some salad from the salad buffet.  My plate is call Teller Ouzu.  Its essentially slabs of pork meat in different preparation style such as gyros, on skewer and in patty form.  The side came with Tziziki and flavoured rice.  Though portion were hugeee, I love them all.  They were well seasoned and fresh tasting.  As one know, pork are surpreme quality in Germany hence even the famous parma ham are made using German pork.  There´s a couple of authentic dish I should have tried too using grape leafs, local cheeses and aubergine - all synoynamous with mediterranean kitchen but since this restaurant is near my place, I´m sure me and hubby will visit real soon.

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