Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Mee Jawa

Frau Kocks told Herr Kocks one Monday evening that she´s not in the mood to cook.  Something is in the air thats making me super lazy.  Herr Kocks replied ... oh, me too.  We´ll see how it goes.  In Germany, there´s such a thing as Abendbrot where a slice of bread with any topping will do, just to fill up the tummy.  Back in Malaysia, my mum would probably roll her eyes for such frugal way of eating.  Well, I´m from a chinese family and in a chinese family, we take our meal time very seriously.  Its gotta be warm, healthy, nutritional, tasty and at least comes with 3 variety of dishes for 2 person like us.  I just can´t seem to keep up with that tradition here in Germany, not even a meal in the evening.  My dad who is 77 this year is still whipping up his 3 hot dishes every single meal except for breakfast.  Amazing I know.  So anyway, somehow the chinese in me resisted an Abendbrot evening and whipped up a Potato Gravy Noodle (Mee Jawa) in a zest.  Some ingredients are lacking for example prawns, tofu and coriander leaf but beggars can´t be choosy especially it being impromptu.  Herr Kocks gave thumbs up and Frau Kocks very please.

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