Sunday, 10 November 2013

Long Term Friendship

Quiet but reflective night.  Sometimes its good to walk away from friends pulling you down.  Friends are suppose to be supportive when you requested them but not challenge you all the time.  Challenge me when I lost my job and need to get up on my two feet again.  Challenge me when I lost someone dear and I need a push to go on with my life.  Please don´t challenge me when I have a longterm wish to fulfill and my intentions are clear.  They say, one have to give and take in life.  Which is very true.  I´ve always taken in the past and I felt I want to give something back.  Even if I´ve not taken in the past, it does not mean that I need to take it back immediately or take at all.  Friendship goes a long way and who knows what´s going to happen in the future and I need your help?  But if someone is clearly not comfortable taking from me and insist on giving back immediately, I do question this friendship.

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