Monday, 25 November 2013

Teller Ouzu @ Taverna Zeus

Lately I´ve been doing some research on visiting Santorini for our wedding anniversary, and like any vacation, it covers anything from accomodation, what to see, what to eat and what to experience.  Coincidently a dear friend visited last weekend, wanted to try out Greek food in our town and I quickly jumped at the chance!  Here´s a quick sneak to what I had while they both went off to pick up some salad from the salad buffet.  My plate is call Teller Ouzu.  Its essentially slabs of pork meat in different preparation style such as gyros, on skewer and in patty form.  The side came with Tziziki and flavoured rice.  Though portion were hugeee, I love them all.  They were well seasoned and fresh tasting.  As one know, pork are surpreme quality in Germany hence even the famous parma ham are made using German pork.  There´s a couple of authentic dish I should have tried too using grape leafs, local cheeses and aubergine - all synoynamous with mediterranean kitchen but since this restaurant is near my place, I´m sure me and hubby will visit real soon.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

10 Excitement I look forward too ...

SIX weeks more then its Christmas.  After that comes Silvester or Year End, then Chinese New Year and before knowing it, I will be flying home to Malaysia again.  But before I do that, there´s 1001 things I have to do and what better way than to have a list so that I won´t forget.  Here goes!

We started this tradition of counting down to Christmas by putting little gifts in our little Advent Socks    many years ago.  4 years and counting and we are still having lots of fun surprising each other with a little something each day.  Last year was particularly memorable as we decided to embark on Advent experiences instead of little gifts.  We decorated some cookies, made snowglobes, shopped for chocolates, put up the christmas tree, listen to a new Christmas Album together, went for a movies, drink Glühwein at a Christmas market and more ... It was exhilarating to say the least.  Imagine every single day having something to look forward too.  But this year, hubby requested the advent to be combined with experiences and gifts instead of just experiences.  I think its a brilliant suggestion so I´m gonna put on my thinking cap soon to get ahead :-)

Christmas Presents
Like every single year, I´m left stumble with what to get for my other half.  Its not easy buying for a male as one knows but its even more difficult to get something for a person who would simply go buy it himself if he fancies something.  But I guess I´ve got to think a bit harder.  And then of course there´s other to consider like my beloved mother-in-law, father-in-law, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend.  I think I will suggest to hubby to take care of his dad and his brother while I take care of my MIL and the girlfriend of his brother.

Christmas Dinner Marathon
There´s 3 cake cum dinner session running from eve to 2nd day of Christmas.  Its crazy I know, but that´s how it is in this household.  I reckon I will be doing most of the preparation work this year as my MIL´s hand seems to be loosing its grip day by day.

Weekend Trips
Hubby´s got a dinner voucher to be used up by end of this year and a trip cum dinner to a nearby city to be used up preferably this year.  We´ve for another 2 unused overnight stays to be used soonest too and that too has been cast aside since ages.  A dear friend will be visiting over the weekend, and I will be visiting a dear friend up north over for a little Christmas get-together on another weekend.  Hubby has got a trip to go too plus some other company commitment so I´m wondering how are we going to pull thru all this arrangement by end of December.

Silvester Holiday
Transport and hotel booked but that´s about it.  There´s so much to check out but again, I´ve been pretty relax during holidays recently as I tend to have the habit of switching on my phone for information.  But it should not be this way.  Insight places needs time to dig out ...

Chinese New Year
This will be my first year celebrating Chinese New Year here so I´m very tempted to hold an open house.  Some of hubby´s friends who happen to be my stammstich here have always been keen to experience what its like celebrating chinese new year and its a big group.  My colleagues originating from England, Spain and Canada sounded very keen to get to know my culture too, and always asking me to invite them over.  Plus some lovely friends from Romania, Taiwan and also from Malaysia which I´ve grown close with within short span of time, my hands would definately be full then but for sure, it would be interesting to bake some cookies for them to try, but I personally would like to re-create some festive dishes I grew up eating and fortunately, I have most of these exquisite ingredients with me.  I´ve also sent back some lovely decorative stuff just for the occassion so I can´t wait to use them, really.

My 40th Birthday
I´m still indecisive if I should throw a party here or to go away, really but if I were to have a Chinese New Year Open House, inviting the same group over would be too close for comfort :-)  But I know in weeks to come, they will start asking soon so I really gotta prepare myself.  Hubby has been so dear.  Going for a lovely trip is always on our agenda but honestly, my trip back to Malaysia is on the following month so I really do not mind staying home.  Its your 40th, hubby reminded me ... haha.

Trip Back to Malaysia
Two major event will be happening when I go back this time.  Firstly, I owe my two nieces and one nephew a belated getaway.  I´m so excited on this one because I know they will be thrilled for what I´ve planned for them.  I love it when I see a BIG smile plastered on their face.  Its priceless and that´s all I look forward too.  The other major thing I´m looking forward to plan was a get-together with my old-mates.  They have been truly supportive of me all these years and I can´t thank them enough.  Sometimes good friends do not need reaasurance.  One just know they can be relied upon when I need them.  And so ... they have requested me to cook for them for ages.  Haha.  I can´t wait to poison them! lol ....

Baby Shower
I´m still not quite sure if I should bring this up to my colleagues.  Our boss is going to deliver soon and she´s been such a sweetie.  Will see on this.

More Training & Classes
With new classes, comes new learning curve ... things are moving on a fast pace on my work front and  I´m truly happy with that.  But with new classes comes new training and this means I will be away for work training again and honestly, I´m not truly enjoying the training at all except getting the certification part of it.  Oh well ...

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Mee Jawa

Frau Kocks told Herr Kocks one Monday evening that she´s not in the mood to cook.  Something is in the air thats making me super lazy.  Herr Kocks replied ... oh, me too.  We´ll see how it goes.  In Germany, there´s such a thing as Abendbrot where a slice of bread with any topping will do, just to fill up the tummy.  Back in Malaysia, my mum would probably roll her eyes for such frugal way of eating.  Well, I´m from a chinese family and in a chinese family, we take our meal time very seriously.  Its gotta be warm, healthy, nutritional, tasty and at least comes with 3 variety of dishes for 2 person like us.  I just can´t seem to keep up with that tradition here in Germany, not even a meal in the evening.  My dad who is 77 this year is still whipping up his 3 hot dishes every single meal except for breakfast.  Amazing I know.  So anyway, somehow the chinese in me resisted an Abendbrot evening and whipped up a Potato Gravy Noodle (Mee Jawa) in a zest.  Some ingredients are lacking for example prawns, tofu and coriander leaf but beggars can´t be choosy especially it being impromptu.  Herr Kocks gave thumbs up and Frau Kocks very please.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Vicchysoisse Soup

Returning to my first love, which is cooking anything french.  This Vichysoisse Soup essentially is just Cold Potato & Leek Soup but somehow its name strikes it as anything but boring.  There will be more to come I promise as I am hoping to bring my cooking mojo back before Christmas arrives :-)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Seafood Paelle Indulgence

Spanish food is one of my favourite cuisine apart from French, Thai, Italian, Japanese and Malaysian.  They make use of lots of fresh produces and their usage of seafood is something I cannot say no too.  Last night, I decided to finish up the half chorizo which was sitting in the fridge.  We had paella a few nights ago, something we do quite often since lugging this paella pan back from Mallorca last year and its been a bliss to cook in them.  Hubby is not into seafood so our paella usually without.  But last night´s version is the one I´ve grown to love since ages.  Lots of mussels, prawns, squid and chorizo infusing the paella rice flavour in addition of saffron tread.  Lovely.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Long Term Friendship

Quiet but reflective night.  Sometimes its good to walk away from friends pulling you down.  Friends are suppose to be supportive when you requested them but not challenge you all the time.  Challenge me when I lost my job and need to get up on my two feet again.  Challenge me when I lost someone dear and I need a push to go on with my life.  Please don´t challenge me when I have a longterm wish to fulfill and my intentions are clear.  They say, one have to give and take in life.  Which is very true.  I´ve always taken in the past and I felt I want to give something back.  Even if I´ve not taken in the past, it does not mean that I need to take it back immediately or take at all.  Friendship goes a long way and who knows what´s going to happen in the future and I need your help?  But if someone is clearly not comfortable taking from me and insist on giving back immediately, I do question this friendship.

Buttered Chicken

Its been ages since I last had my buttered chicken dish.  A few sprigs of curry leaves, garlic, chopped up chillies and pan fried chicken.  All sauteed with fragrantly cooked butter sauce towards the end.  Thats my dinner for last night.