Thursday, 10 October 2013

White Wine Mussels

I took the chance to pamper myself with  more seafood dish before hubby gets back, and this time, I´ve got to enjoy the whole pack of 500 grams mussels all by myself!  Not wanting any carb for my dinner, I simply sautee some chopped up onions, carrots and celery before pouring in half a bottle of white wine leftover from the night before.  In goes the white mussels with lots of dill into the pot.  Lid on and voila, in less than 5  minutes, dinner´s ready.  Last night had been fantastic.  I´ve started burning this wonderful Scent Chips I recently acquired from Netherlands, and boy, it does smell heavenly in the livingroom!  I tuned onto my favourite programmes, had the mood lamp all one, my dinner on my lap, a glass of white wine and .... stayed up till 1am just like that ... that I nearly doze off on the sofa :-)

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