Sunday, 20 October 2013

Vegetarian Schnitzel

Not eating meat for a day ain´t as bad as I thought.  One just need to get use to it.  Its been months since I pledge myself to go vegetarian every Friday.  When I got started, it was tough because I was not use to not having my meal lace with some kind of meat or seafood ingredient or even flavour.  I was in lost of what to prepare.  But after awhile, I´m getting the hang of it.  Vegetarian can be delicious too, if not interesting if one look hard enough.  Seen here is my Vegetable Schnitzel meal served with a sunny side up egg, fresh seasonal beans, and a simple onion gravy pasta.  It is nothing to shout about in terms of appearance but taste wise is what that matters, right?  Both of us agreed that eating less meat does not have to be boring.  I couldn´t agree more.

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