Saturday, 12 October 2013

Simple Fried Rice

A plate of fried rice.  So simple but yet, so fulfilling during cold autumn month here.  I will be lying if I said I don´t enjoy my bowl of fried rice.  Fried rice to a Chinese is like sushi to a Japanese, a burger to an American, or a sausage to a German.   It is staple food which comes in so many variation and uses mainly leftover rice and variety of vegetables or meat as seasoning.  In China, there´s the famous Yong Chow fried rice or Fujian fried rice.  In Malaysia where its multi-cultural, the Malays and Indians also has their own intepretation of fried rice due to their other counterparts influence.  The Japanese who neighbours China also owes up to this fried rice phenomenon, infact, some of the most amazing I´ve tasted are actually from Japanese restaurant.  It is usually very simple with 3 ingredients - rice, egg and garlic and that´s about it.  I tried replicating this simple taste today but I reckon I need to practise them a bit more.  This fried rice was made using 1 bowl of leftover rice with 2 eggs, so you can imagine how fragrant that is but I do suspect that Basmati rice is a no-no when it comes to frying rice.  It is too thin, too hard hence not abling to achieve the fluffiness needed.  Fried Rice 2.0 then ... :-)

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