Monday, 14 October 2013

Cold Vegetable Terrine

Eat your vege! 

Those were ringing words my mum drilled into me since young.  I am used to eating stir-fry vegetables since young since I grew up in a chinese family. 

Sometimes too, my mum would cook them in stews or curries, but never eaten cold like how I eat them here in Germany.  My meal were always hot back then and it took me a while to adapt eating something cold during winter here. 

Its Autumn now but strangely, I wanted to try out this Cold Vegetable Terrine.  It looked terribly attractive to say the least with its colours all perking thru the jelly stock. 

Quite easy to make but to set the stock was quite tricky since it was not from any recipe book but simply a creation I whipped up suddenly.  2 more gelatine sheets were needed on top of the four used earlier, just to get this small mould set!

But alas, it did set .. and it is sitting prettily in our fridge right now and am thinking of what main course to go with it tomorrow :-)

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