Thursday, 17 October 2013

Braised Salted Mustard with Pork (Mui Choy Kau Yok)

Back in action, but this time I have left my french food craze aside.  The past week had been busy.  It is the last week before autumn school holiday and this means, I will be able to enjoy 2 whole weeks of holiday free!  Before doing so, the centre where I work for, has a tradition of throwing a little celebration before the kids goes off.  Its lovely for the kids, but for the teachers, it simply meant more work! Yes, its a complain but I should not really, and instead should concentrate on the two lovely weeks ahead.

This is a stew of chinese mustard and pork slices.  It is something I grew up eating.  Pure comfort food in a cold day, it taste saltish but what the recipe calls for is to balance the saltiness of the salted mustard vegetable with a cup of coconut juice.  Mine is with apple juice and worked just as well.  But for those who enjoys my western inspired cooking, afraid not because I´ve been skimming lately and all I need is time, time, time.  Which will be SOON!

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