Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Basil Pannacotta

If only I could capture the look on hubby´s face when I announced to him what flavour pannacotta I´m serving for dinner that night.  Basil, as one know is a well known herb.  Its intense, lingering flavour is best known to dress up various delicious pastas, and to Caprese lover like me, what is a caprese salad without basil.  I´ve heard of Basil Ice Cream a while back and had been wanting to try them.  Just out of curiosity and nothing to difficult for just the two of us so I decided on pannacotta instead. 200ml cream, 50 grams sugar, 120ml milk and 3 sheets of gelatine plus juices from a handful of basil leave which I pureed finely.  I then let everything cook for some minutes before cooling them in room temperature.  Then transfering them to the fridge to set them further.  I think this dessert is an elegant way to serve your guest, it is intriquing and at the same time, taste lovely!  Who would have thought that Basil could make a memorable dessert flavouring :-)

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