Saturday, 26 October 2013


Its Friday! And that means coffee and cake session for our household.

Yesterday, I´ve decided to make use of our apples, again.  There are lots still hanging on the tree and honestly, I am getting a bit overwhelmed eating them day in day out.  My MIL is feeling the same way too and due to this, we have been thinking if we should invest in a good juicing machine to turn them into juice instead of eating them whole or baking them.  There´s only that much one can eat a day, or so much time one can spent baking something out of it.  One of the recipe´s I´ve been wanting to try out is Apple Strudel.  It is a fairly straightforward to make, if one has supply of filo pastry.  Can you believe it that there isn´t any around my area until recently?  Amusing I know but instead of dwelling in the shortcomings of what this country does not have, I´m happy that we are getting more choices coming into the market each day.

Here´s to a lovely weekend all of you :-)

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