Thursday, 29 August 2013

Livingroom Project!

When I was away, hubby sneakily painted our livingroom.  Not that I´m complaining because this livingroom project is long, longgg overdue.  The wooden ceiling, though captivated me when I first saw it many years ago, it came in its original state which is orangey wood colour.  Not that it ain´t nice.  It just felt mismatched with our taste in modern home furnishing and orange wood basically lean towards country style.  And so, I have been hinting to hubby for the past year that it would be lovely to give it a fresh look, you know, just to jive in the whole concept.  And he did!  Its now painted white and boy, it actually opened up the livingroom so much that it just felt so much more airier and bigger!  Even hubby noticed the difference!  One side of the wall is painted platimum grey too, and wow wow.  Its amazing that a simple paint job can transform the look of a place so much.  Now that we´ve done with the wall, we will be moving on to storage next.  Our entertainment system has been repositioned to the other end of the room, somehting which hubby detest in the past because he felt that it would cramped the livingroom, but he was wrong again.  In his own words, he cannot believe how much space we´ve got just by repositioning some furniture pieces! Hah!  So yeah, I am the creative one in this marriage, and he is the logical one really, so from now on ... anything to do with imagination and creativity for the house is under my belt :-D Which I gladly do.

More to come!

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Fish Platter at XL Diner, Alesund - Norway

I was in Norway with hubby a month back and had meant to post up this entry right after if not for the reason I had to rush back to Malaysia straight away due to my dad´s eye accident.  More on that later, because first, I cannot stop coeing how fantastic Norway has been and it does not do any justice to a country so beautiful and yet, remains a country not many think of venturing into.  Perhaps the cost of living as highlighted by many travel sites and travellers who´ve made it there sounds scary, but I´m a firm believer in planning, planning, planning.  Plan in advance to catch the good deals.

Since this is food blog (plus other spin offs but I would it to focus more on food really), I wanted to share with you this little gem of a place in a small town call Alesund.  Alesund is apparently a famous gateway town if you plan to go on fjord cruises.  Apart from that, it is a rather sleepy town in my opinion but nevertheless, has its own charm or two if one search a bit deeper.  Norway is a very, very expensive country to live in with Oslo leading the way with second most expensive city after Tokyo BUT, it is not true.  Oslo ain´t the most expensive city in Norway but Bergen is.  Its very touristy due to their World Heritage Site status and since they are known as an old harbour city with plenty of seafood to whet any seafood lovers appetite, they attract loads of wealthy japanese tourist.  This resulted in sky-high prices if you wanna try their seafood delicacy so what did an average girl like me do?  Skip the seafood in Bergen and head to Alesund instead.  Helping in the process of course is that, it is in our plan to see Alesund.  And this was what we found.  A lovely seafood restaurant serving the best catch of the day, right from the fishing boat to the door of this restaurant right smacked in where all the fishing boats dock.  How´s that.

I need to try them all so I ordered their Fish Platter.  The famous Norwegian Salmon, Catfish, Cod Fish, Baby Shrimps, Mussels, and Large Tiger Prawns.  Freshest I´ve ever eaten straight from the Atlantic.  


This plate would probably cost me at least 1000 kronors in Bergen or Olso, but here ... 395 Kronors which translates to about 50 Euros.