Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Chicken Schnitzel Dinner

Summer´s finally here so I´m starting to get into eating fresh mode again.  Its lovely really, walking down to the garden to gather whatever produce I need to prepare out dinner.  Salad selection, freshly harvested herbs all lightly seasoned with virgin olive oil and little balsamico and voila, a meal on its own.  I have been taking daily walk to nearby supermarket too, just to go pick up a packet of fresh meat to prepare our meals.  Normally a chore for me during winter, but not at all during summer as I take in all the lovely blooms on display on the way.  Last Thursday, I made chicken schnitzel for dinner.  Sort of a first time for me since I would usually use pork instead, but as one knows it, white meat is healthier than red meat so ...

Here´s to summer meal again :-) Full with tantalising colour and goodness :-)

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