Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mexican Nachos with Cheese

I have been cooking.  I have also been travelling.  Came back one piece and had a really good time in London.  And I have also been eating and taking the occassional photo when mood strikes but I´ve totally lost it when it came to blogging.  Sorry!  But thats the thing about me.  I do envy some bloggers whom blogs consistently because I simply am not one of those.  Fact.

As of late, I have been struck down by Mexican food craze.  It started with getting myself hooked on Mexican Food at Home showned on BBC, hosted by the lovely, affectionate Thomasina Miers.  She´s not mexican, as one can tell from her name but her style of cooking, to me, reflected that.  Nothing high end but superbly tantalising street style mexican food which one can replicate at home.  This platter of Nachos here were taken from a month back!  And that was before we made our way to Wahaca in Southbank, London to go check out Thomasina´s container canteen itself! It was simple amazing.  The vibe of the place.  The staff.  The concept.  The view towards River Thame and need to other mention, the food of course.  Freshly prepared with top notch ingredient - I saw reviews they were close to real thing in Mexico, not sure how true is that because I have not personally been there but if this is it, I am superbly impressed.

I´m planning for a mexican theme barbecue this weekend, so HOLA!

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