Sunday, 23 June 2013

Malaysian Theme Barbecue Dinner on Week 24

Just when everything started looking up and bright, some heavy thunderstorm decided to invade us this summer.  Some town nearby were so badly affected that it flooded, but thankfully the town I live in is relatively safe.  So far.  My barbecue theme plan for this weekend was put on hold as the result, but here´s last weekends theme feasting :-) Malaysian style.

Appetiser was Acar Timun made simply with sugar and vinegar marinade base, and some chopped chillies and onion to spice things up.  The funny thing is, the chillies tasted like tomato and onion tasted fiesty like chillies lol.

Main meal of Ayam Percik, Satay Ayam, Grilled Prawns, hubby´s german sausage (the indispensable item in most barbecues here lol) and ...

a small portion of prawn in spicy sambal sauce wrapped in foil ...

To end the meal, a classic Nyonya dessert of Sago Gula Melaka which was given thumbs up by hubby.  Good to hear that because he´s a creature of comfort lol ...

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