Tuesday, 18 June 2013

European Mix Grill Menu for Week 23´s Barbecue

Whenever I get bored, I would inevitably come up with themes and concept to any imaginable chores and small, insignificant event, just to get my brain charged with excitement.  Winter had been long this year as I´ve earlier talked about but things took a turn since two weekends ago.  Since then, we have been taking the opportunity to dine al fresco as much as we can - you know, just to brown our skin a little and be a bit more closer to nature.  Although I must say that nature sometimes ain´t my thing when it comes to scrubbing all the shit and poo leftover from the birds hanging around our garden.

So anyway, the theme thing ... yes, this fanatic planner here decided to go with a theme everytime we do our weekend barbecue.  Just to make be more adventurous with our tastebuds, that kinda thing.  Week 23 which I´ve shared here was the reason why I thought its better to get one more focus lol.  I wanted this salad, but was also tempted by another salad and ended up making something entirely different altogether.  lol.  Same goes to the main course.  And the dessert course.  lol.

So, the Roma Salad was a good choice.  I lurveee tomatoes when its in season.  The colours are vividly red, it smell soooo good and taste simply juicy, and ripe and sweet that one need nothing to accompany it actually.  But I wanted to try our newly bought Balsamic Vinegar from London´s Borough Market.  Although bought in London, it is from Modena where Balsamic Vinegar holds godlike status.  The bottle we picked up was sublime.  All I need to do is drizzle a little on it with some olive oil and that´s it.  The tomato taste came right thru.

Pork Neck for grill is something the locals love having apart from the famous Bratwurst or German sausage in english :-)  Nothing fancy from the butcher but from a discounter nearby Aldi which in my opinion, carries higher quality stuff than some wellknown supermarket! Take for example this marinated pork neck.  We both agreed that the marinade was good and not overly salted.  The other thing I lurveee from Aldi is their Mucci ice cream!  Much, much, MUCH better than most of the expensive stuff we tried!

To end the meal, nothing less than eye catching fresh rasberries on bed of vanilla cream.

Here´s to more GRILL entry :-)

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  1. yes i agree.. i think themes are great! And speaking of themes.. love the new one on your blog:) !


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