Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Easiest Ever 3 Ingredients Nutella Brownie

I discovered a quick way to bake a delicious, Nutella Brownie.  And it needs only 3 basic ingredient! Yes, you heard right, only 3 ingredients.  And they are 1 cup of nutella, 2 eggs and 10 tbsp of plain flour.  Mix them well in a mixing bowl, then bake them for 12 minutes at 170C.

I find this so amazinggggg hence sharing them with you here :-)  Let me know what you think if you try this. I would love to hear from you!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Malaysian Theme Barbecue Dinner on Week 24

Just when everything started looking up and bright, some heavy thunderstorm decided to invade us this summer.  Some town nearby were so badly affected that it flooded, but thankfully the town I live in is relatively safe.  So far.  My barbecue theme plan for this weekend was put on hold as the result, but here´s last weekends theme feasting :-) Malaysian style.

Appetiser was Acar Timun made simply with sugar and vinegar marinade base, and some chopped chillies and onion to spice things up.  The funny thing is, the chillies tasted like tomato and onion tasted fiesty like chillies lol.

Main meal of Ayam Percik, Satay Ayam, Grilled Prawns, hubby´s german sausage (the indispensable item in most barbecues here lol) and ...

a small portion of prawn in spicy sambal sauce wrapped in foil ...

To end the meal, a classic Nyonya dessert of Sago Gula Melaka which was given thumbs up by hubby.  Good to hear that because he´s a creature of comfort lol ...

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Top 5 Easy Care Summer Bloom in our Garden, 2013

I have been spending a lot of time in the garden past months.  A lot and sometimes I find it unnessasarily because I could easily pick up a bunch of my favourite flower and simply chuck them onto a vase and voila, immediate transformation to any room.  That, and also the fact that I could admire them very close whenever I feel like instead of getting to the garden.  But having said that, the pleasure derive from being able to grow your own, figuring out what they need to be better and better, sourcing for the right mixture to keep them healthy, the right spot in the garden - I´ll say it really is a perfect combination of mental stimulation and physical hardwork!
I did learn the hardway of course.  Lots of money was spent, effort went to drain and hopes crushed when nothing comes out after all those work.  Learning is still in the process but I can safely count on a few below for a feast to the eye reward with not so fussy care.
No 1 - Roses
Contrary to many belief that its a fussy plant to care for, I find them bearable and end of the day, very rewarding.  They need lots of sun, but also lots of water.  I hardly water their foliage because thats what bring diseases to them it seems.  Give them food early spring and perhaps one more time once their flowers die off if they are the type that could bloom all the way to before frost so that they could generate bud and come out once more.  Prune them to keep them in shape and to encourage bushiness aka more buds.  But I have to stress that getting the right rose is important to your area´s climate.  I like my roses´s stalk strong so hybrid is a good choice or some David Austin onces are pretty good too for example my Queen of Sweden here.
No 2 - Hydrangea or Hortensia (in German) 
Okay, I forgot to stress the reason why they are my favourite is because they come back every single year.  They call it perennials in gardening terminology but to me it simply meant, less work and don´t have to think of what to plant and buy every single year. lol.  Hydrangeas are very popular here in garden belonging to elderly so I guess that give one enough clue on its care huh.  They grew well on a sunny spot as well as shaded but not too shaded.  Need a lot of water, fertilise them during summer one time and if the plant is not winterhard, bring them into the house when temperature deepens, otherwise get one which are winterhard.  I was told that if you accidently or was given one which are not winterhard, you can still train them to be one by bringing them indoor during first winter.  They will do fine outside when second winter comes.
3) Bearded Iris
Some of my friends who planted the bulb in last autumn reported that their Bearded Iris refuse to grow.  Me on the other hand have better luck.  Perhaps it is the soil around my area.  My area I believe has pretty rich soil but also not too heavy-like like clay soil found in some south european land.  I got a clue that Bearded Iris does wonder in our plot as we already have an existing one in another corner from hubby´s grandmother´s time!  The blooms are a bit more scarce as compared to the ones I´ve freshly planted, but that´s because the bulb underneath multiplied so much that there isn´t enough energy to travel upwards.  I love my bearded iris, its such a feast to my eye, SEXY even with such intense burst of colour.  Fertiliser´s needed in early spring if you want them bursting with bloom.  I give them a lot of water too on daily basis.
4) Lupine
This lupine colour totally blew my mind away with its pink/peach/greenish/yellow hue and I could not even recall where I got this plant from.  Lupine over here grows wild, and comes back year after year.  I don´t fertilise them, I give them water on occassional days but not daily and yet, they reward me with such elegance and sturdiness.  I have in total 5 lupines in my garden - 2 white, 2 red and 1 pink which is showned here.  But I´ll say, do more if you have the space.  It surely is an easy baby.
5) Allium
Allium belongs to the onion family which means that they are easy to care for.  I was told, you could leave the bulb in the ground if you feel lazy to dig them up before frost hits but base on my experience, the bulb do get smaller by the year if you do that.  They need lots of water too but nothing else.  I plant them in sunny spot as they seem to be taking it well except for its folliage which is perpectually in wiltered stage but it seems that is the issue with Allium when I do my research online.  Nothing to do with water it seems so the best advise is, plant something shorter to camouflage the yellow allium foliage if you must.  For me, I simply snip off the leaves! lol.  Oh, other thing is, my roses seems to love having allium around too so that´s a plus point besides them looking very photogenis together :-)

So yeah, here´s my favourite at the moment in addition to the peonies, rittersporn, clematis and many more.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

European Mix Grill Menu for Week 23´s Barbecue

Whenever I get bored, I would inevitably come up with themes and concept to any imaginable chores and small, insignificant event, just to get my brain charged with excitement.  Winter had been long this year as I´ve earlier talked about but things took a turn since two weekends ago.  Since then, we have been taking the opportunity to dine al fresco as much as we can - you know, just to brown our skin a little and be a bit more closer to nature.  Although I must say that nature sometimes ain´t my thing when it comes to scrubbing all the shit and poo leftover from the birds hanging around our garden.

So anyway, the theme thing ... yes, this fanatic planner here decided to go with a theme everytime we do our weekend barbecue.  Just to make be more adventurous with our tastebuds, that kinda thing.  Week 23 which I´ve shared here was the reason why I thought its better to get one more focus lol.  I wanted this salad, but was also tempted by another salad and ended up making something entirely different altogether.  lol.  Same goes to the main course.  And the dessert course.  lol.

So, the Roma Salad was a good choice.  I lurveee tomatoes when its in season.  The colours are vividly red, it smell soooo good and taste simply juicy, and ripe and sweet that one need nothing to accompany it actually.  But I wanted to try our newly bought Balsamic Vinegar from London´s Borough Market.  Although bought in London, it is from Modena where Balsamic Vinegar holds godlike status.  The bottle we picked up was sublime.  All I need to do is drizzle a little on it with some olive oil and that´s it.  The tomato taste came right thru.

Pork Neck for grill is something the locals love having apart from the famous Bratwurst or German sausage in english :-)  Nothing fancy from the butcher but from a discounter nearby Aldi which in my opinion, carries higher quality stuff than some wellknown supermarket! Take for example this marinated pork neck.  We both agreed that the marinade was good and not overly salted.  The other thing I lurveee from Aldi is their Mucci ice cream!  Much, much, MUCH better than most of the expensive stuff we tried!

To end the meal, nothing less than eye catching fresh rasberries on bed of vanilla cream.

Here´s to more GRILL entry :-)

Mexican Nachos with Cheese

I have been cooking.  I have also been travelling.  Came back one piece and had a really good time in London.  And I have also been eating and taking the occassional photo when mood strikes but I´ve totally lost it when it came to blogging.  Sorry!  But thats the thing about me.  I do envy some bloggers whom blogs consistently because I simply am not one of those.  Fact.

As of late, I have been struck down by Mexican food craze.  It started with getting myself hooked on Mexican Food at Home showned on BBC, hosted by the lovely, affectionate Thomasina Miers.  She´s not mexican, as one can tell from her name but her style of cooking, to me, reflected that.  Nothing high end but superbly tantalising street style mexican food which one can replicate at home.  This platter of Nachos here were taken from a month back!  And that was before we made our way to Wahaca in Southbank, London to go check out Thomasina´s container canteen itself! It was simple amazing.  The vibe of the place.  The staff.  The concept.  The view towards River Thame and need to other mention, the food of course.  Freshly prepared with top notch ingredient - I saw reviews they were close to real thing in Mexico, not sure how true is that because I have not personally been there but if this is it, I am superbly impressed.

I´m planning for a mexican theme barbecue this weekend, so HOLA!