Thursday, 11 April 2013

Seasonal Eats : White Asparagus (Prepared Italian Way)

Eating seasonally is a way of live here.  When I first arrived, it was a big culture shocked and having to get used too because back home in Malaysia, we get lots and lots of varieties of produces all year round not to mention the availability of imported produce from both the northern and southern tip from us.  Having said that, fresh white asparagus is not available in Malaysia so it is a treat to having them handy when the season is here.  This year, spring arrived rather late due to prolonged winter.  The spring bulbs are all still not in bloom yet so as the asparagus producer too.  Strangely, I spotted a local supermarket selling some German white asparagus.  I just had to had it.  And I got them prepared the italian way with layers of anchovies on top, some capers and a good drizzle of good olive oil, balsamic vinegar and some light seasoning.  Being a mild tasting vegetable, I find this an interesting combination.  The anchovie taste lend its smoky flavour to the whole dish thus elevating it different notch.  And not to mention it look impressive too when served, especially so when I added some chopped tomatoes and some fresh herbs to liven up the colour.  This is a keeper I must say.

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