Friday, 5 April 2013

Ginger Chilli Salmon Served on Wilted Spinach

I ate so much when I was back in Malaysia I swear my jeans button is gonna pop out anytime soon! Before hurting anyone in the process, I thought I´d better get a grip over this matter and to restart my careful eating plan again.  Salad is an easy option really, but with the ongoing-neverending-miserable weather here in Germany, I´m cracking my head everyday to get myself something warm and yet calorie friendly.  Here´s one of the lunch I had few days ago.  It is actually a chinese inspired dish with lots of ginger and chilli thrown in while making the sauce/grilling the salmon. The salmon is with pepper encrusted on its skin (hooray, because I love salmon skin and I love pepper!) so all I need to do is let it grill for 2-3 minutes skin side down.  The spinach leafs were also present alongside and was cooked till wilted. A splash of kikomman sauce was all I needed to season this fish because the ginger and chilli slices were already wrapping the fish alongside when its being grilled.  What I did next once the fish was done is, pour in some water to absorb all the residue from the pan.  Thats the brown sauce you see here.  So here goes ... the rest are platting work which I love :-)

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