Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tarragon, Basil & Rosemary Quiche

Continuing our eating seasonally challenge, (thanks DH Hamburg for organising!), I decided to use herbs which is being used as seasoning usually as a highlight instead.  Herbs in this part of Europe comes in very handy from dried to fresh form from the pot or from ones garden so with spring hitting this part of the world, it is available abundantly. Yeahhhhh ....

This quiche recipe is something I´d learned while staying with my cousin in France.  The dough can be store bought puff pastry, or you can knead 200 grams flour, an egg and roughly a cup of water with your mixer until it forms a ball dough.  Add some olive oil to give it a nice fragrant too.  If the water is not enough, just dribble some in until you see the crumbles in your mixing bowl finally coming together.  For the quiche filling, all I did was crack 3 eggs into 200 ml cream.  Mix them together.  Add a cup of cheese, in here I´ve used Gruyere because its my absolute favourite for baking and last but most importantly, lets not forget the herbs!  I´ve got in there half cup of chopped up tarragon, another half cup of basil and some sprinks of rosemary.  I was rather careful with rosemary because it can get overpowering, not to mention its texture being coarse too ... so go gentle on it.  Und voila!  Please excuse my german french hehe ... mix them all up - throw them into the oven to bake for a good 40 minutes at 180C! Then its done!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Seasonal Eats : White Asparagus (Prepared Italian Way)

Eating seasonally is a way of live here.  When I first arrived, it was a big culture shocked and having to get used too because back home in Malaysia, we get lots and lots of varieties of produces all year round not to mention the availability of imported produce from both the northern and southern tip from us.  Having said that, fresh white asparagus is not available in Malaysia so it is a treat to having them handy when the season is here.  This year, spring arrived rather late due to prolonged winter.  The spring bulbs are all still not in bloom yet so as the asparagus producer too.  Strangely, I spotted a local supermarket selling some German white asparagus.  I just had to had it.  And I got them prepared the italian way with layers of anchovies on top, some capers and a good drizzle of good olive oil, balsamic vinegar and some light seasoning.  Being a mild tasting vegetable, I find this an interesting combination.  The anchovie taste lend its smoky flavour to the whole dish thus elevating it different notch.  And not to mention it look impressive too when served, especially so when I added some chopped tomatoes and some fresh herbs to liven up the colour.  This is a keeper I must say.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

White Asparagus (Spargel) in Blackforest Ham Blanket, Serve with Parsley Sauce

A friend of mine commented these green sauce looked soupy! This is what happens when one is indecisive in the kitchen.  To soup it or not!  It can pass of actually, hehe .... the flavour is all there for one to dig into especially so when paired with one of my favourite vegetable - the white asparagus or weiss spargel as it is known here.  I had purposely wrapped them with blackforest ham too, just to go with the flow of eating local.  This is a wonderful finger food.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Ginger Chilli Salmon Served on Wilted Spinach

I ate so much when I was back in Malaysia I swear my jeans button is gonna pop out anytime soon! Before hurting anyone in the process, I thought I´d better get a grip over this matter and to restart my careful eating plan again.  Salad is an easy option really, but with the ongoing-neverending-miserable weather here in Germany, I´m cracking my head everyday to get myself something warm and yet calorie friendly.  Here´s one of the lunch I had few days ago.  It is actually a chinese inspired dish with lots of ginger and chilli thrown in while making the sauce/grilling the salmon. The salmon is with pepper encrusted on its skin (hooray, because I love salmon skin and I love pepper!) so all I need to do is let it grill for 2-3 minutes skin side down.  The spinach leafs were also present alongside and was cooked till wilted. A splash of kikomman sauce was all I needed to season this fish because the ginger and chilli slices were already wrapping the fish alongside when its being grilled.  What I did next once the fish was done is, pour in some water to absorb all the residue from the pan.  Thats the brown sauce you see here.  So here goes ... the rest are platting work which I love :-)