Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Its Officially Spring Day Today ...

Yes.  Today is officially the day when spring starts.  A few days ago, I was frantically searching for spring bloom to decorate our home after returning home from Malaysia.  Spring and Easter is around the corner and colours do chirp me up.  Making a decision on which plant to bring home to assemble ain´t easy task. Moreso when the choices were mind-boggling plus the fact that winter is extra long this year - a lot of locals are not buying their flowers yet hence the flowers comes with great prices now.  I ended up grabbing a ready made planter with all the spring bloom I loveeee :-)

What is easter without chocolate bunnies and eggs?  I just got to have them.  They are soooo cuteee and screaming out to me to grab them!

Its spring! I can´t get enough of flowers and I think this craziness will not stop anytime soon!

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