Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A DH Giftaway And Last Chinese New Year Post of the Year!

Before I leaved for Malaysia, I decided to host a Chinese New Year cooking/baking competition within my circle of friends for fun.  They have been very generous with me in many ways and I thought, this is the least I can do by getting them something Malaysian from home while participating in something fun and memorable.  I must say I had a hard time deciding what to pack into the prize.  It had to be small and somehow not food related because bringing food items into Europe (especially via Frankfurt airport) is a big NO-NO.  Alas, I managed to gather some cookbooks of which I hope the winner would like, two packet of spice mixed and a tea-mug which I found really lovely and intricate in design that I just had to cart them back althought one knows it ain´t easy bringing anything breakable via air.  It survived, phewwww ... so next to do for me is to make the announcement soon!  Ohh, I´m excited already!!!

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