Thursday, 24 January 2013

Vintage Shanghai Cocktail

Some mixture works really well.  Chinese New Year does not have to be so boring does it? I remembered drinking lots of Fanta Orange and packets of Chrysenthamum Tea during house visit but why not add a bit of a twist to accompany the lovely spread when your guest arrive?  This is so doable.  What I did was mix 2 tablespoon of Kumquat syrup, 50 ml pineapple juice, 50 ml orange juice and 2 tbs Cointreau into a shaker with some ice and let it do its work.  Its addictive and yummy!

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  1. Oh Great! I was just about to ask for the recipe! LOL Will try this festive cocktail with friends! LOVE the word "addictive" but too bad I can only have a sip! Better than nothing huh! ;D hehehehehe


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