Thursday, 24 January 2013

Qipao Crazy ...

I remembered back then when I was much younger, I would frawn upon seeing someone dressed in Qipao simply because it is just so err old-fashion?  Its the twentieth century! I would exclaimed to whoever next to me.  But here I am, 20 years older and faraway from the tradition I grew up in.  I can´t wait to put them on to get intouch with  my chinese roots :-D

Today, I clicked on an order again in addition to another one I did last week from a Malaysian side.  Its an emotional buy, yes ...

But it is not often I get this way.  Good excuse, right? :-D

I wanted to get a red one (below) but the size chart was a bit misleading ... and too small for me.

So, I got this (above) instead ... in black.  Something which I felt suits any cocktail party or evening event.  What do you think?

Anyway, I found something interesting in youtube regarding QiPao.  No spoiler for you so here goes ...

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