Wednesday, 23 January 2013

First Attempt - Homemade Pineapple Tart

Recently I read an article on a German daily site that using Facebook is detrimental to users in a survey.  I am not sure where the survey was carried out but I´m assuming it is in Germany.  It says that by using it, it injects the feeling of jealousy and envy.  Haha.  I was appalled by that finding BUT I can also relate to that at this point of them.  For example, the amount of tantalising and atmospheric photo I´ve been browsing from across the globe and I´m super jealous for being here and not able to soak up the scene!

So there you go.  I am jealous and I am envious of those of you back home!

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  1. Lovely pineapple tarts! Really ahh!! Never have thought that you're that kind woh! LOL I must say that I do admire & inspire from Facebook & especially Pinterest. But I don't have time for both recently! :D LOL


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