Sunday, 23 December 2012

My Secret Santa Knows ...

I bought a new jewellery box a few weeks ago.  Not a single person knew about it of course - except for hubby since its just a jewellery box.  But I remembered wishing for necklaces to fill in the void in my box.  I had some but I was looking for something fine and detail and not chunky as the ones I owed.  They say be careful what you wish for, for it might come true.

And it did come true last weekend.  I love it.  Thank you secret santa!  How did my secret santa know?  Scary.

A few days ago, I spent sometime sending out last minute Christmas Cards.  I hope they arrive on time.  Some were for friends living in German and some in Europe.  In Germany, the postal stamp price worked in such a way that if the size of the card is anything but xxx size, its considered xxx price which is almost 3 times more.  This size as you see here cost me 1.45 euro stamp fee.  Unbelievable expensive if you ask me.  I´ve learned my lesson so what I did the following evening was go get some standard size cards to be used for next Christmas.

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