Friday, 7 December 2012

Homemade Dresdener Stollen

Stollen to Germans is like Pannetone to the Italians or Fruit Cake to the English.  It is sweet, it contains dried fruits and fruit peels and it needs time for the flavour to come through before enjoying them.  There´s all sorts of varieties of stollen being sold here in Germany for past 1 month.  From corner bakery shop, speciality stores, local supermarkets to discounter store, one can pick them up easily and cost as little as 3 Euro - and trust me, the taste is all equally good.  But special occassion calls for special projects - especially so when there´s a prize involved (thanks DH France for dangling the carrot! hehe .. ), having said that, it is fairly easy to make at home albeit time consuming.  You do need a kitchen machine to do this though unless yoú are a fan of kneading heavy bread dough continously for 6 minutes minimum .. err, no thank you! So here´s my Dresden style stollen, minus marzipan filling and almond flour - another 4 more days to go before tasting them ... :-)

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