Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Eve at Home (Round One)

Christmas celebration here is a quiet affair and is usually spent with family and close ones.  This year is no exception but with an exception of doing it three times over the course of three days.  One does not do much except simple food preparation, limited cleaning and lots of eating and catching up - and honestly, it ain´t an easy thing to do!  lol

Mama bought a very festive looking cake for us three to enjoy.   I initially offered to make a cake but last minute got them cancelled.  The cakes/torten available here are delicious and comes in so many variety and flavour.  So why bother ... lol

Hey, thats our Christmas Tree!  It is not a white christmas (again) this year so I´m glad I´d decided to bring fake snow into the livingroom lol ...

Mama love her Piper Heidsick so we had them over two days because we simply can´t handle the `fine`bubbles lol

Mama splashed on us again on gifts like every other year.  It is something I am still trying to get use too.  Thanks mum!

Me and hubby made an agreement prior to the gift exchange.  We agreed that we would not spent more than xxx amount and will limit to only 1 gift per person.  I got him one as agreed, but he got me three gifts!

A lovely perfume, a warm blanket for sofa time and a porcelain set from Villeroy & Boch.  Thank you loukung - muaksss!  You really don´t have too!

Hubby in return got a new toy from me :-)

I have been keeping myself awake by drinking lots of coffee.  To add life and to reminiscience back on what I drank in Hamburg last weekend, I added in Cointreau.  Its DELICIOUSSS ....

Hubby made his prep of Swiss Fondue since afternoon.  It is his showtime on Christmas Eve, followed by mine on Christmas Day then Mama´s turn tomorrow when his son and girlfriend arrives from Dortmund.  lol ...

We really do work really well together and in systematic manner hehehe and that takes the stress away in a way which I feel is important during such lovely festive occassion :-)

Here too, I want to wish all of you a belated Merry Christmas wish!

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