Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Crafting ...

Since joining pinterest, I´ve been so inspired to craft.  The ideas shared by the millions of pinterest users has been amazing to say the least.  Apart from links from websites, some bloggers also jumped onto the bandwagon to promote snapshots of their work too!  I´m one of the lazy ones shying away from linking my photos there and prefer to steal ideas instead.  Hehe.  And here´s two ideas I found interesting and got our hands dirty recently ... :-)

The first is doing up letter blocks to form words.  Hubby did most of the work actually. Buying the material and sawing it.  I gave hubby the template and then later got them simply painted with acrylic paint.  The `O´is bought from store.  When I first saw this idea in Pinterest, I thot how cool!  It would be great to have the words in German but Weihnachten is simply too long! hehe. So N-O-E-L will do :-)

The other thing we did last night was making Snowglobe.  Actually, this inspiration was meant to be for my class activity and while researching for it one night, hubby came in and pointed out he´d love to make one too! Oh yes, he is a big KID in a way :-) So off I went, assembled some materials and whatever scrap I could find and we did this just last night over bottles of yummy beer and background christmasy music to entertain us.  If you´re inspired like I did, do note that Glycerin liquid is optional.  I bought a bottle from pharmacy here and you know what? Normal distilled water will do the trick too depending how heavy the glitter you intend to use is.  I would suggest you to test the glitter out first in a bottle, simply shake it and see how fast it falls down.  If it falls fast, then you probably need Glycerin to thicken the water.

Tonight, my advent calendar says Lets go to StattAlm for clubbing :-) Hubby is surely in the mood.

I hope you are too!

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