Monday, 24 December 2012

Adventcalendar of the Day : High Tea Lou Poh Style

I had totally forgotten about getting hubby a small gift from Hamburg last week to be filled into his 23rd day Advent Calendar filler! Bummer.  So what I did was sneaked out of bed this morning and wrote him a simple meal before he wakes up to open them.  He´s been crazy over this Gangnam song lately dunno why. And I though, hmm why not just play along with the title lol ...

I didn´t want to do dinner because we´ve been having lots of yummy dinner as of late.  Due to last night´s event at colleague´s place, he was still fast asleep at 11.30am so I figured high tea session sounds ideal ...

But the main reason was ... we´ve got ourself a new coffee machine!  What else goes well with freshly brewed coffee if not some afternoon delight?  I made a small batch of English Scones, German Spice Nuts and Apple Pie with Christmas Spices in it.

My Latte Machiatto with our new machine.  It frothes very well as you can see and with the new Lavazza beans freshly grounded just for this cup, HEAVENLY! :-D

Tomorrow´s `the`day where we´ll have a simple family dinner at my inlaws.

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