Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Eve at Home (Round One)

Christmas celebration here is a quiet affair and is usually spent with family and close ones.  This year is no exception but with an exception of doing it three times over the course of three days.  One does not do much except simple food preparation, limited cleaning and lots of eating and catching up - and honestly, it ain´t an easy thing to do!  lol

Mama bought a very festive looking cake for us three to enjoy.   I initially offered to make a cake but last minute got them cancelled.  The cakes/torten available here are delicious and comes in so many variety and flavour.  So why bother ... lol

Hey, thats our Christmas Tree!  It is not a white christmas (again) this year so I´m glad I´d decided to bring fake snow into the livingroom lol ...

Mama love her Piper Heidsick so we had them over two days because we simply can´t handle the `fine`bubbles lol

Mama splashed on us again on gifts like every other year.  It is something I am still trying to get use too.  Thanks mum!

Me and hubby made an agreement prior to the gift exchange.  We agreed that we would not spent more than xxx amount and will limit to only 1 gift per person.  I got him one as agreed, but he got me three gifts!

A lovely perfume, a warm blanket for sofa time and a porcelain set from Villeroy & Boch.  Thank you loukung - muaksss!  You really don´t have too!

Hubby in return got a new toy from me :-)

I have been keeping myself awake by drinking lots of coffee.  To add life and to reminiscience back on what I drank in Hamburg last weekend, I added in Cointreau.  Its DELICIOUSSS ....

Hubby made his prep of Swiss Fondue since afternoon.  It is his showtime on Christmas Eve, followed by mine on Christmas Day then Mama´s turn tomorrow when his son and girlfriend arrives from Dortmund.  lol ...

We really do work really well together and in systematic manner hehehe and that takes the stress away in a way which I feel is important during such lovely festive occassion :-)

Here too, I want to wish all of you a belated Merry Christmas wish!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Adventcalendar of the Day : High Tea Lou Poh Style

I had totally forgotten about getting hubby a small gift from Hamburg last week to be filled into his 23rd day Advent Calendar filler! Bummer.  So what I did was sneaked out of bed this morning and wrote him a simple meal before he wakes up to open them.  He´s been crazy over this Gangnam song lately dunno why. And I though, hmm why not just play along with the title lol ...

I didn´t want to do dinner because we´ve been having lots of yummy dinner as of late.  Due to last night´s event at colleague´s place, he was still fast asleep at 11.30am so I figured high tea session sounds ideal ...

But the main reason was ... we´ve got ourself a new coffee machine!  What else goes well with freshly brewed coffee if not some afternoon delight?  I made a small batch of English Scones, German Spice Nuts and Apple Pie with Christmas Spices in it.

My Latte Machiatto with our new machine.  It frothes very well as you can see and with the new Lavazza beans freshly grounded just for this cup, HEAVENLY! :-D

Tomorrow´s `the`day where we´ll have a simple family dinner at my inlaws.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

My Secret Santa Knows ...

I bought a new jewellery box a few weeks ago.  Not a single person knew about it of course - except for hubby since its just a jewellery box.  But I remembered wishing for necklaces to fill in the void in my box.  I had some but I was looking for something fine and detail and not chunky as the ones I owed.  They say be careful what you wish for, for it might come true.

And it did come true last weekend.  I love it.  Thank you secret santa!  How did my secret santa know?  Scary.

A few days ago, I spent sometime sending out last minute Christmas Cards.  I hope they arrive on time.  Some were for friends living in German and some in Europe.  In Germany, the postal stamp price worked in such a way that if the size of the card is anything but xxx size, its considered xxx price which is almost 3 times more.  This size as you see here cost me 1.45 euro stamp fee.  Unbelievable expensive if you ask me.  I´ve learned my lesson so what I did the following evening was go get some standard size cards to be used for next Christmas.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

This Is How We Decorate Our Cookies

Take a guess who did which.  It was an advent activity idea I found online and though it would be so cool for me and hub to embark on.  With creative juices flowing wild ... here´s some of my favourite :-)

Burned Cookie. com on bottom right ... hehe, the earlier batch which did not make it to the decorating table but hubby insisted of decorating one!

Told ya hubby´s looking forward to our Alps trip soon :-) He literarily translated them onto the cookie.

This cookie is dedicated to my sister - a Chanel brand freak hehe and who was having a bad day at the other side of the world.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Lebkuchen Cookie Baking while Snowing

Today is second advent of the month.  It is lovely here at the moment with white snow covering almost any surface it can lay itself on.

Another candle to be litted next Sunday and then comes Christmas soon after.  I´m keeping myself busy with daily chores and prep work for Christmas, year end holiday and also our trip to Malaysia for Chinese New Year. All happening within the month of December till February so all kinds of emotions are going through me right now.  The happy kind - so its good.

And yes, I baked again ... this time, the traditional lebkuchen taste which Germany is so famous for but in a form of cookie.  I actually dumped in the whole packet of premixed Lebkuchen spice from the store and worried it would be too much but it ended up just nice.  Phew.  But next, I ought to show you how we decorated our cookies! We did it just a while ago and it surely is a fun acitivty for advent Sunday.

How´s your Sunday so far?

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Crafting ...

Since joining pinterest, I´ve been so inspired to craft.  The ideas shared by the millions of pinterest users has been amazing to say the least.  Apart from links from websites, some bloggers also jumped onto the bandwagon to promote snapshots of their work too!  I´m one of the lazy ones shying away from linking my photos there and prefer to steal ideas instead.  Hehe.  And here´s two ideas I found interesting and got our hands dirty recently ... :-)

The first is doing up letter blocks to form words.  Hubby did most of the work actually. Buying the material and sawing it.  I gave hubby the template and then later got them simply painted with acrylic paint.  The `O´is bought from store.  When I first saw this idea in Pinterest, I thot how cool!  It would be great to have the words in German but Weihnachten is simply too long! hehe. So N-O-E-L will do :-)

The other thing we did last night was making Snowglobe.  Actually, this inspiration was meant to be for my class activity and while researching for it one night, hubby came in and pointed out he´d love to make one too! Oh yes, he is a big KID in a way :-) So off I went, assembled some materials and whatever scrap I could find and we did this just last night over bottles of yummy beer and background christmasy music to entertain us.  If you´re inspired like I did, do note that Glycerin liquid is optional.  I bought a bottle from pharmacy here and you know what? Normal distilled water will do the trick too depending how heavy the glitter you intend to use is.  I would suggest you to test the glitter out first in a bottle, simply shake it and see how fast it falls down.  If it falls fast, then you probably need Glycerin to thicken the water.

Tonight, my advent calendar says Lets go to StattAlm for clubbing :-) Hubby is surely in the mood.

I hope you are too!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Homemade Dresdener Stollen

Stollen to Germans is like Pannetone to the Italians or Fruit Cake to the English.  It is sweet, it contains dried fruits and fruit peels and it needs time for the flavour to come through before enjoying them.  There´s all sorts of varieties of stollen being sold here in Germany for past 1 month.  From corner bakery shop, speciality stores, local supermarkets to discounter store, one can pick them up easily and cost as little as 3 Euro - and trust me, the taste is all equally good.  But special occassion calls for special projects - especially so when there´s a prize involved (thanks DH France for dangling the carrot! hehe .. ), having said that, it is fairly easy to make at home albeit time consuming.  You do need a kitchen machine to do this though unless yoú are a fan of kneading heavy bread dough continously for 6 minutes minimum .. err, no thank you! So here´s my Dresden style stollen, minus marzipan filling and almond flour - another 4 more days to go before tasting them ... :-)