Friday, 30 November 2012

Raclette Dinner, the Swiss Way ...

We went shopping in Kassel last weekend as mentioned earlier and this was what we got - a Raclette set.  We were attracted to it as it is small enough to fit on our casual dining table and yet, sturdy enough that it will not break easily.  Winter´s also here so a change in heavier diet is called for.

I was told we could use this Raclette machine in so many ways.  To grill steaks, vegetables or even make pancakes with the raclette mould underneath!  Well, I will experiment on that later but first, it has to be the traditional way we remembered them when we first tried them in Switzerland and South East France.  The cheese used is heavier than usual, and I love it.  In Switzerland, raclette is a humble, simple meal meant to be enjoyed by close family and friends and consist mainly of the cheese, potatoes, ham, gurkins and pickled onions.  Raclette means to scrap and here, it is to scrap off the melted cheese onto the plate.  The activity itself is a slow process so its lovely sharing it with someone close over a lovely weekend.

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