Friday, 23 November 2012

It´s the start of gift giving season ...

Its an easy peasy occassion when it comes to giving gifts where I came from.  In most cases, the default gift can be in form of cash and all is well.  In Germany, it is a different ballgame altogether.  Thoughts go into it, hence challenging yourself constantly how well you know the person you´re giving the gift too.  Tomorrow, we will be visiting a couple friend in another part of Germany.  Prior to this, we would defaultly bring a bouquet of flower, some chocolates and sometimes a nice tin of gourmet biscuit.  But I was told the madame of the house is on diet so, no chocolate and no biscuit please! lol.  During their last visit to our place, I noticed something.  They both loveeee red wine. So off I went this morning to go pick up our favourite type of red.  The famous Barolo which the Italians loves drinking above anything else but it is something that can´t be drink regularly because a bottle of good Barolo can set you back quite a bit of $$$.  I paired them with Truffle laced hard cheese, also from Pietmont area in Italy.  Festive air is here so I´ve packed a white Amarylis along.

Its weekend so have a lovely weekend everyone!

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