Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bad Karlshafen along Fairytale Route, Germany

We had such a blast last weekend that I am left with little energy to do anything else on Monday.  We started off with some shopping in Kassel.  I found the Rouge Matte Chanel lipstick I have been wanting to pick up but OPI nailpolish is no where to be found even in such a big city like Kassel???  I wanted to try on a lacey dress I spotted in Zara but the queue was amazingly long.  The WMF store and some fine china store whom I wanted to check out a couple of stuff were so packed too.  A lot of people have started Christmas shopping it seems, well better be early than later where one has to beat the crowd I´d say!  Talking about economy crisis in Europe, it surely isn´t so in Germany! 

Our friend J and his girlfriend Nina took us to a gorgeous Columbian restaurant in Kassel.  She tried making reservation early but was told its fully booked.  When we arrived, they apparently set aside 3 tables for walk in guest. Good that we arrived very early because soon after, the crowd started pilling up and service went a bit downhill.  The food was fine and the ambience and settings were lovely, which high ceilings and all, nicely done up.  I had a pot of seasonal mussels serve Columbian way which is with tomato sauce and a dessert I can´t recall its name.  We drank of course and afterwhich, J took us for a spin in his new Audi.  The only sober one whom stepped on the pedal and the rest feeling tipsy, I swore I nearly dozed off behind the wheels even at 180km per hour.  I didn´t know the new Audi has such impressive interior and systems built in.  Thats it, I am an Audi convert! 

The next morning, our planned breakfast eventually turned into lunch.  After two hours, we were on the road again but hubby was still in holiday mood :-)  He wanted to see a nearby town Bad Karlshafen seeing Furstenberg´s Store Outlet is close on Sunday.  Hubby wanted to pick up something for his mum as gifts for Christmas but I guess, we have to make do with something else then.  They, Furstenberg company makes very beautiful, high end porcelain that I would love to start collecting.  But it is something I have to think about not just in terms of how much will it cost for a minimum 6 person service set but also where am I going to display them ...

And so ... after some discussion, we´re going to embark on some serious livingroom refurbishment coming February. Excitement one after another :-D

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