Friday, 23 November 2012

Apple Cinammon Roll

Christmas mood is in the air! And so as my mood for cooking and baking.  Sorry for the long dissapearance. I didn´t realize my new job would consume me so much, not so much my time but very much what I plan to incorporate in and plan the best I could day in day out.  It has been great.  Teaching kids is no easy task, especially so with German kids around the age of 8-10, they do have quite a character I tell you.  But that is the challenge.  At the moment, things have stabilised a bit and they are spotting a huge smile the moment the enter the class.  Its a sense of fulfillment which I´ve only come to hear from parents or teachers in the past but now, experiencing it is altogether a different matter.  Anyway, gotta run again ... but before that, I am leaving you with a picture of Apple Cinammon Roll I baked two days ago.  It is the same recipe as The Joy of Baking as I was told but being a friend of DH France, I followed her version here to the T, almost.  Its a delish recipe so, I will be attempting them again with more filling variation.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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