Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Upside Down Cake with our garden´s apples!

It is apple day in day out here.  Every alternate day, I´ll try do something with the apples that fell off from our 60 year old tree.  Somewhere last week,  I bake an apple upside down cake with 3-4 apples.  How I wish I could use more apples but it would probably be too mushy for consumption.  Yesterday was Apple Crumble Cake baking session, a recipe from DH France and it proved to be as delicious as it looks.  I have not baked my annual Dutch Apple Cake yet but I reckon it would be real soon.  As I am typing now, a pot of 8-10 apples are being turned into Apple Mash in the Staub pot.  them.  It is nice to know that apples can also be enjoyed with potatoes like how the locals do here - so there you go, today´s dinner plan solved.  So, ideas ideas ideas ... any ideas anyone on what else to do with apples?

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