Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pre-Mooncake Festival Gathering with Malaysian in Europe Friends, 2012

The girls came over to our place two weekends ago.  To get drunk so to speak hahahaha but the alcohol we poured into us just does not seem to work its charm.  Strange.  But there´s plenty of food as usual.  Perhaps we should have kept our stomach empty! :-D
Here´s what we ate.  Imagine all these food spread for less than 8 hours gathering!
This is lunch ... I made Malay Chicken Rice and Hainanese White Chicken.  The kids were served Savoury Cake  and Chicken Nuggets while the adults tugged into taste of home. Hehe.  With a dash of super spicy, super hot chilli sauce brought all the way from Almere.
One of the girls even made these!  It dissapeared as quickly as a tornado storm hit and went to say the least.  I have no idea how it taste like but I bet it is yummy.
Alcohol were applenty as I´ve mentioned.  Here´s PIMMS, a very yummy cocktail made from PIMMS (a liquor from England) then mixed with 7UP, lemon slices, mint leaves and cucumber.  Delicious to the last drop.  A few of us finished it to the last drop wondering when the kick will set it. lol
Sangria was also served.
There were several breaks inbetween to catch our breathe, to loosen our belt a little or exercise our much needed limp instead of just jaw action ... we came back to more food!

One of the girl purposely got her husband to pick up a cake all the way at the border of Germany after disaster strike on the one she baked.    

She picked up more than one. 

One of the girl´s hubby got some mooncake as gifts from Hong Kong if I´m not mistaken and decided to share them with us.  There´s also mooncake purposely brought back from Malaysia.  Then there´s also the self made biscuit which this special occassion is so famous for. It reminded me so much of my childhood, eating them one after another while lighting candles all over the house with both my brother and sister. The biscuit seen here is super yummy. Thanks DH Drachten!

My original plan was to bake another Entremet but time was not on my side. I bought these Donauwelle instead.

DH Dracten came bearing another goodie on this special occassion and that´s Teochew Mooncake and Shanghai Mooncake.  What´s mooncake celebration without proper mooncake isn´t it and what´s more, its homemade all the way in Europe.  Its very good. 

Part 2 to be continued ...

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