Monday, 8 October 2012

My Black and Almost 12 inch Toy, THE Staub ...

I hope my title did not raise too much eyebrow :-)

But as it if, it really is black and almost 12 inch long or wide, depending which angle one looks at.  Haha. So yeah, here´s my long awaited Staub, the famous Cast Iron Pot I have been longing for is now sitting pretty on my stove.  What a wonderful sigh!  That very night I received them, I put them straight to good use with DH France´s excellent Pork & Pear recipe.  It got thumbs up not just from hubby and myself, but also from our visiting friend Jürgen and Nina ... it was sooo good.  The meat was soooo tender soft and flavourful, we knew we made the right choice the moment the smell swift through our kitchen midway stewing them.  I´ve always knew that Germany has excellent quality pork but never have I smelled such wonderful pork aroma after all these years of cooking them before!  I am planning to test out few recipes this week.  I do have some concerns though.  As much as Staub is famous for their lid which retains moisture - known as self basting system which also locks in the flavour - what happens if I wanna bake a bread in them?  The famous No-Knead-Bread works really well in a cast iron pot and I´m dying to try them.  I am happy to know that the black enamel interior will become more and more non-stick after prolong using and better still, no stain will appear over time unlike the famous Le Creuset which has a white interior coating - BUT, we shall see.  Hubby was also telling me it is a no-no to use washing liquid on it and don´t even think of putting it in the dishwasher, but the attached instruction says no problem at all.  So yes, time will tell and we shall how good is this Staub.  The other thing I am happy with is, the coating material are resistance to scratches.  Perfect for a klux like me :-)

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