Friday, 12 October 2012

Schweinshaxe, Knödel & Deutsche Sekt (Sparkling Wine) im München/Munich

How are you my dear readers? I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to this weekend! As for me, I am down with horrible, horrible cold with heavy chesty cough on top of the fact that I fell from the staircase a week ago - which left me in pain basically but I am thankful I am being taken care well by beloved hubby :-) The thing about getting sick is this, you have plenty of time to do whatever you wish - cook and bake but my sense of smell and taste is gone. And so, I have been keeping things light, soupy and warm - to also coincide with the rainy and cold weather here. My new pot has been put to good use. I use them every single day, sometimes even more than once which is good. Just yesterday, I made myself a big pot of ABC soup (basically it is a chinese style soup but consisting of western ingredients thrown in such as potatoes, onions, tomatoes and carrots), and in the evening, I made another batch of DH France´s Pork and Pear Stew.

So anyway, anyway, we are in holiday planning time again.  Ideally, we would like to be somewhere every year during year end or Silvester as how the locals call it.  It is nice to be home too, but we felt like being away.  A few places cross our mind with London on top of his list (he really, really do loveeeee London) and as for me, I will be thrilled if we can secure any form of reasonably priced accomodation in St. Anton or Lech am Arlberg which is located at the Austrian Alps.  Imagine celebrating New Year in Alps surrounded by white snow and learn how to ski?!  But as it is, I was told that that area is so famous amongst the german speaking countries that one has to book one year in advance!  I´ve loaded past Silvester video celebration of this place before, am totally awed by it so I cannot imagine what its like being there LIVE. 

Will see how it goes, and oh ... we´ve also secured our flight tickets  back to Kuala Lumpur - my beloved home city, in February so that´s double woohoo!

Before I derail further, here´s some pictures I´ve taken when I was in Munich with my sister.  She wanted to try something very local so here it is, the famous Pork Knuckles and Knodel BUT honestly, I think German restaurants in Asia can do it better.  I know, I know ... it is strange that I am saying this but its true.  As much as the pork is very flavourful, I thought the locals here could learn a thing or two on how to make the skin crispier and edible and with that, asians do know how to handle skin well.

Here´s a one pot dish my sister shared with her daughter.  For 6-8 Euro per plate, one gets a lovely table and the restaurant located right behind Marienplatz - a famous tourist spot, I´d say it is not too bad getting a good, warm, generous portion meal even in expensive city like Munich.  How can one compare to eating a cold baguette in Paris´s touristy area?

The apartment we checked into in Munich is fabulous.  It is located in a wonderful part of city centre, right next to the famous Elbe river and has the most amazing amount of space one can imagine wihtout paying a bomb. The apartment owner is an interior decorator so you can imagine our delight when we walk in.  It was also lovely to be greeted with glasses of bubbles the moment we checked in.  This is what I call good service even for a B&B category accomodation.

Perhaps we should return to Munich for Silvester.  It really is a lovely city.

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