Monday, 1 October 2012

2013 Spring Flower Bed Preparation

It is time of the year again to put on the thinking cap on what we wanna enjoy next spring.  How I wish the bulbs would just sprout out on its own year after year without shrinking its size so yes, there is quite a bit of work to do this time of the year.  Roses had to be trimmed back soon.  Some bulbs which was left unattended has to be digged out unless you don´t mind the possibility of surprises.  But of course, some prefer to plant perennials to lessen the job but to me, what is spring without spring bulbs!

I went a bit overboard this year :-)  Here´s what I bought ...

Plus 100 tulip bulb in assorted colour not featured here.

And something for autumn which I am already stocking up.  I know :-)  The Weihnachtsnarzissen is to be planted now in containers for it to bloom in Winter.  Amazing find I must say in addition to my discovery over Christrose which blooms when it gets really, really cold.

It has been raining quite a lot lately.  Some of our Dahlias are still blooming, so as Maria Theresia rose.  The ones I added to bring in more colour are the Heides (purple ones) and Stiefmutterchen (front row, colourful).  I am not sure how long it will stay but it better not be too long because I need to get the spring bulbs on this bed really soon!

Our apple tree is bearing lots of apples again. Lovely.

And some other autumn plants we have on our balcony.

Its cold and the sky is getting gloomier by the day but I´m glad there are some colours one can bring into our life.

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