Saturday, 15 September 2012

Taste of North Sea, Becks Beer & Jacobs Coffee in Bremen, Germany

Germany is a vast land. And every single meeting with my Stammtisch, I would chance upon ideas on where else should I go visit and see.  It really is a pity that Germany whom is so well known for their machineries, cars, medicine and what not is so bad at marketing it.  Most of the thing that would pop into someone´s mind when they think of Germany is probably Oktoberfest, Pork Knuckle, Sausages or Beer which is pretty much Bayern´s identity (one of Germany´s prosperous state) and it does not represent what Germany really is, really.  Anyway, I wanted to share you (finally) my other good news.  Some of you whom have been following me here but are my friends in Facebook started speculating wildly.  But no, again ... I am not pregnant.  My good news is I finally got myself a proper job.  After four years being in Germany, it surely felt great and liberating!

It is a freelance job, which suits me fine.  I am given the flexibility to increase the hours as I wish and minimise it when it is needed.  The perks are lovely.  They are paying me pretty well I must say, double the normal wage here for a starter, and lots of opportunities to attend seminars, conferences and trainings which I love because it means that I get to meet new people!  What job is it? Hah. It is a teaching job.  Big chance I must say for a marketeer like me but I am loving it so far because it is a proven international learning centre, it is catered mainly to babies that is 3 months old and above, to 18 years of age.  The group is small and the method, I love it.

As a start, I was sent to Bremen for training.  It was five days long with lots of assignment to do for the next day´s presentation.  Our training was small too, with not more than 8 teachers from the northern region but what I really liked was how global the participants are.

Hubby came over to pick me up at the end of the training session.  We stayed a night in Atlantic Hotel, a lovely four star not far from the city centre. The day before and after was spent sighseeing a bit in Bremen.  Bremen is lovely! I had no expection of how Bremen should be but yeah, it was a big surprise. If you like old and detail architecture like what you get in Paris or Brussels, then Bremen is the place for you.  The other thing I really liked about Bremen is also that, the Bremers are blessed with waterfront.  It is an artistic city, so couple that with waterfront lifestyle and fine architecture - one can´t go wrong isn´t it?

We stopped by Becks for beer.  Becks is from Bremen and I reckon is a must do for tourist to try their fresh from the tap beer from their first restaurant where it once originated.  The other notable thing from Bremen is Jacobs coffee too. And I love it too! Strange that we had been purchasing coffee pads from Italy and Netherland but never really supporting local made once but after tasting them, I must say they taste just as good or even better! The other brand is Dallmyr from Munich.

They say, when in Rome do what the Romans do.  Bremen is not far from North Sea so there´s plenty of fresh seafood around. Our dinner was next to the waterfront and I had a very delicious plate of Seafood Pasta.  Forgot the pictures because I was swayed by the ambience that night.  Our table was located above an underpass walkway and so happen that a saxaphonist was playing there.  Romantic overload moment. Ha.  For breakfast, I got the chance to try out their herring in assorted flavours.  There´s more but no pictures again.  Sorry!

I promise more pictures to come!

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  1. Congratulations on your new job! I was just in Bremen a few weeks ago for a friend's wedding, and I must say, I loved it. Such a beautiful place.


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