Friday, 28 September 2012

Matcha & Red Bean Snowskin Mooncake for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Hello Everyone! Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is two days away and I wanna wish you all Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!  This snowskin mooncake here is my very first attempt, so its a big deal.  Everyone seems to think that making mooncake is easy peasy, but trust me ... folding the dough skin around the filling is a skill by itself!  But I made it (gosh, you should have seen how ugly it looks underneath these babies).  If all goes well, I would like to attempt to bake Teochew Mooncake tomorrow too but will see.  I can´t wait for Sunday to arrive to cut them because I am eager to see how the inner part looks like so stay tune if you are curious like me!

Till then!

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