Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Laduree Macaron - Seasonal Selection

After all the drooling from photos seen all over the internet and hearing so much about Laduree´s impecably made macarons from near and far, I finally get the chance to taste them few days ago.  We got them as a gift from a visiting friend base in Netherlands but are currently on-off in London for work.  In the nicely packaged box was eight fantastic selection, some seasonal I was told but really, how does one decide which to pop into the mouth first? My sense told me to start with the lightest hue before moving on to the darkest which is the chocolate flavoured one.  The mixed berry ones tasted deep, totally unexpected for such compact little thingy.  The orange one packed a punch with its zesty orange taste too.  One of my favourite is mint, which is the blue one but really, every single one tasted unique on its own.  Be it hazelnut, apple or chocolate ... Laduree macaron I must say is top notched superb.  I loved it as it is not too sweet too.  Its shell were perfectly made with no hollowness in the middle.  Even hubby noticed and commented on that immediately.  Its feet were perfectly formed.  Colour was intensed and ganached was to no fault whatsoever.  Oh dear, I still have a long way to go to master the art of macaron making. Sigh.

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